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  Asensio Makes Threat in Effort to Shut Us Down!

 NASD Boots Asensio's Brokerage  (click for details)
 Both Now Expelled from Securities Industry
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   12/28/07  Revised & Updated Asensio FAQ
  03/18/06  The Elgindy Files (new items 2/07/06; 3/19/06; 3/22/06; 07/14/06; 12/18/07)                              
 05/05/04  Appeals Court Upholds Fraud Verdict Against Asensio
   04/04/04  Asensio Charged Again
 01/11/04  Bill Wexler Update
12/24/03  How Asensio Duped Regulators                                                                            

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From the Mailbox

Sincere thanks to all who took the time to share thoughts, questions, or leads by submitting a feedback message or posting comments about the site on finance boards.  Below is a sampling of reader reactions.  

Thumbs Up!!

Geez! Can't say I've EVER seen ANYTHING quite like it! We need more of these kinds of things!

What a wonderful, well prepared web site. And so much useful information. This is must reading for all longs and shorts. Thanks very much to whoever did all this great work.

Loved it, great way for exposure of the back side of the ass.

At some point he criticized one of his targets for putting out a press release to address his BS, stating something like the company shouldn't be so worried about people with a short position. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, he seems to be making quite a fuss.  [Click for Asensio's reaction to site.]

Excellent work, congratulations !!! It gives us a better insight in and a confirmation of some of the techniques used in market manipulation, backed up by an impressive number of facts and circumstantial evidence. I especially liked the transcripts of the court cases against Asensio, they are stunning and sometimes highly entertaining ... Your website is more exciting than reading a detective novel.

The authors make their case against Asensio very well. I have read Asensio' book (Sold Short) and found this website a more interesting read.

What a WEBSITE!! finally exposes ALL the TRUTH about Asensio and his minions. If I was on the "risk assessment" team at ML [Merrill Lynch] and any other legit broker dealer lending stock to Asensio and his cronies I would be VERY concerned about their ability to perform on their promises.

It took considerable time and effort to construct this site and I would like you to know that I, as a small investor, am very appreciative.

WOW your website is great...I loved it. I knew he was a pr*ck when he was bashing my PLMD last year. I'm definitely proud of the fact that someone finally made a website about him. Wow I love this, I can't stop being fascinated by this.  Keep up a good job.

When a link was posted on a message board, I thought it was another asinine advertisement. But, having read through your site, I see its very interesting and useful. You've clearly done a lot of due diligence here.

These nerds exist to play God with legitimate companies, and ride them down to failure. I liked the info here about how they long and short at the same time. I feel there's much more insidious behavior than we all know. Somebody's gotta do something! Nice web site!

COCKROACHES--the LIGHTS are ON!!! - Watch them cockroaches scurry!!!

Long live Best site on the internet!

Thumbs Down!!

You people are f___ing crooks.

Your site is a joke.

Whew! Well, that helps...since you don't even mention who you are...what a bunch of crap. Almost every stock Asensio has targeted has cratered. Do you really think a shortseller can sink a stock in the long run? Let me help you, the answer is NO. Frauds and poor fundamentals are what lead to stocks cratering.

VIVA Asensio!

I suppose it is possible that you may be a do-gooder, but I suspect you have an affiliation with one of the companies that Asensio has recommend a short position in. [Webmaster:  shareholder only, per notice on home page.]

I find it very strange that someone would devote so much time and effort to a smear campaign against someone who has an opinion on a stock.

I read through your site and checked the stocks he was allegedly trying to smear. Surprise! They are all down significantly and some are out of business. [Webmaster:  So says he.  Beware his odd definition of "subsequent price" and other tactics.]

How is his publishing negative information about companies any different than the fluff on the long side? 

You idiots suck.

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