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   12/28/07  Revised & Updated Asensio FAQ
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 05/05/04  Appeals Court Upholds Fraud Verdict Against Asensio
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New at the Site

Check this page regularly to see what's been added since the site went on-line on November 30, 2002.

2/12/08  New Page.  Asensio Tries to Shut Us Down.   We all know that Manuel is, how you say, litigious.  What else do you call a guy who spent much of the last few years filing lawsuits against his sister and now-deceased father?  But this month Asensio turned his attention to our website.  He's threatening legal action.  All he needs now is a case. 

12/18/07  We're back after a long hiatus to report that Asensio's brokerage, last known as Integral Securities, has gone off to that great big Wall Street in the sky. Even more remarkable, it was actually put out of its misery by the wrist-slappers of the NASD.  Also, at Reading Room: The Elgindy Files, you'll find some newly added articles about the court's sentencing of Anthony's co-defendants.

7/12/06  New Page.  Welcome to Asensio.CoN Part Two.  He covered his tracks pretty well.  If only he hadn't left his fingerprints everywhere and dropped his business card in the process of trying to fake an exit.  Part Two of He's Lying Again: Why Manuel Asensio Still Runs Asensio & Company and

7/07/06  New Page.  Welcome to Asensio.CoN.   On April 27, 2004, Manuel Asensio attempted to fake his own exit from  Asensio & Company and  Since then, he's been trying to convince us that he no longer owns or has any role in either one. It's been a performance so bumbling as to be worthy of nomination for a Stupid Criminal Award. 

7/07/06; 7/14/06  Update to Asensio FAQ and  Reading Room: The Elgindy Files. We've updated the Asensio FAQ with more current information; added an article to the Reading Room about Elgindy's sentencing last month; and if available to us, have revised sentencing dates for the remaining  defendants.  Also added article about Lynn Wingate's sentence.  Tip:  to locate the articles about defendants' sentences, search for "Judge Raymond"

4/24/06  Update to Reading Room: General.  It's slightly off-topic, but we know many of you are interested.  So we've obtained the lawsuit filed by Electronic Trading Group against many of the big brokerages over naked shorting and added it to the Reading Room.   Our take?  You have to suspect sentiment on an issue is shifting when you see a member of the Wall Street Establishment file a lawsuit like this one. 

2/20/06  Update to Reading Room: The Elgindy Files.  We've added several new items, starting with the sentencing memos submitted to the court by the prosecution and defense teams.  These documents are long, but read them if you can.  Both reveal info that had been kept under wraps until now, and both sides make some very good arguments. Also added: the transcript of Jonathan Daws' guilty plea, a list of sentencing dates for the defendants, and the full jury verdict. 

01/20/06   Updates to Asensio "Barred" from Industry.   We've updated the original article now that we have the report from the NASD hearing panel and also added a new section to this page.  As far as we're concerned, Asensio hasn't been barred from the industry.  He's been "barred."  There's a huge difference.  The former is meaningful; the latter, meaningless.

01/02/06   Announcement:  Older Pages Relocated to Reading Room

To make space for new material, we've archived some of the older pages of the site by moving them to the reading room.  These pages can no longer be accessed by the "link bars" that run down the left side of the site.  However, most of these pages are still on the site; just go to the Reading Room to access them. 

08/04/05   Update to Reading Room: The Elgindy Files.  New articles: Elgindy Pleads Guilty to Using Fake Identity and Former Prosecutor (Kenneth Breen) Joins Fulbright Law Firm.

07/29/05   The site has been updated throughout to clarify the relationship between Asensio and Owen Hernandez—the employee to whom NASD "transferred" his broker-dealer license after receiving a complaint that it was fraudulently obtained.  They're cousins. Transferring the license of a wrongdoer to his next of kin is apparently how NASD pretends to protect you. 

03/20/05 New Page.  Asensio Barred from Industry.  While we await the inevitable spin from Manuel, here's our take on the latest skeleton about to break free.

03/18/05  Update to Reading Room: The Elgindy Files.  We interrupt our regularly scheduled topic to bring you news of another loud, reckless, self-appointed fraud-buster.  Anthony Elgindy (aka Anthony Pacific) is awaiting sentencing for his January conviction on charges of racketeering, extortion, and securities fraud.  We've put together some of the trial coverage and key documents.  This is solely in response to reader interest—not to suggest that Manuel Asensio had anything to do with Elgindy.

03/13/05 New Page.  NASD: Unfit to Regulate (Part Two)  It's a shame for Martha Stewart that her fate for lying was not up to NASD.  We've never seen a regulator so determined to protect those who lie.  If you've had it with NASD leaders who tell you how much they care about investors while tolerating all manner of member fraud, join us in asking the SEC to investigate.

01/25/05  New Page.  NASD: Unfit to Regulate (Part One)  The National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) is a dishonesty-tolerating, Spitzer-dissing, rule-ignoring bunch that gives self-regulation a black eye. But you'll have to read our latest to find out what we really think about this bumbling bureaucracy protection racket.  

09/30/04  New Page.  NASD-Asensio Scandal:  The Plot Thickens.  We're back after an extended summer break, with some new findings for you.  Findings that may leave you asking, "With friends like NASD, who needs Enron?"

05/03/04  New Pages.  Is NASD Corrupt? (two parts)  We usually try to introduce new pages with a little wit and humor.  But there's nothing funny about NASD's District 10.  It wouldn't answer when Eliot Spitzer's office wrote to ask whether Asensio lied on his sworn broker-dealer application. Wait till you read the rest of the story.  This is self-regulation at its worst. 

04/04/04  New Page.  Asensio Charged Again.  NASD has filed a new charges against Asensio.  What a pair this is  . . . a serial rule-breaker and a self-described "tough cop" that looks more like an ostrich when it comes to the issues that matter most.

01/25/04  New Page.  Letter to California Justice Department.  The site introduces the California DOJ to Manuel Asensio's view of the world.  It holds that companies must disclose all material facts, but Asensio and his hedge fund clients are free to conceal any material fact that could interfere with their plan to send a target's stock price into a free fall. 

01/11/04  New Page.  Bill Wexler: One Year Later.  The site answers some of the questions people have been asking since we made the decision to take on the crotchety and very self-important Mr. Wexler.  Who we must say is incredibly crotchety and self-important for a guy who doesn't even exist. 

12/24/03  New Page.  How Asensio Duped Regulators.  The site untangles the mystery of how Asensio moved up to broker-dealer status after a quarter-million dollar jury verdict for defrauding a brokerage house client.   It all seems to revolve around the eternal question:  What did he know, and when did he lie about it?

11/16/03  New Page.  Manic Deception:  Sold Short by Manuel Asensio.  He can fool Publishers Weekly, and he can fool the Ludwig von Mises Institute, but he can't fool Asensio Exposed!  The site reviews Asensio's 2001 chest-thumping opus—and finds one heck of a fairy tale.

11/12/03  Update to Long/Short Strategy.   Another day, another piece of evidence that rules are just serving suggestions on Wall Street.  This time the source is Asensio's own book, where an offhand comment about the long/short strategy reveals what he probably never intended to let on.

11/04/03  Correction to Part Two: Advisor or Hedge Fund Flack?  The original version of Part Two incorrectly described West Highland Capital as having positions in four of eight stocks that Asensio complained about in a letter he sent to the SEC.  It's actually six of the eight.  See text for details.

11/01/03  New Page.  Part Two: Advisor or Hedge Fund Flack? Trite as it may seem, sometimes you just have to ask that age-old question:  Which came first?  Manuel Asensio or West Highland Capital? A look at what Asensio's recent tirades tell us about who's advising who. 

10/23/03  New Page.  Who's Writing the Script? He doesn't know his liver from his kidney, but that doesn't stop Asensio from claiming authorship of reports filled with medical commentary. How does a man who has never taken a course in biology or chemistry do it?  Perhaps with help from hedge fund ghostwriters who have already shorted the stocks he claims to have analyze independently?

10/03/03  New Page.  Advisor or Hedge Fund Flack?   Manuel Asensio can never say enough about his contempt for "stock promoters."  But could he be a man with a dirty little secret:  That his own job is far more Madison Avenue than Wall Street?  Oh, and BTW.  Don't "stock promoters" tell you who they work for?

New Page.  Asensio FAQ #2.  It's official.  Manuel Asensio is now a former member of the NASD.  Plus answers to other questions that readers have submitted since the site went on-line.  Apparently, there's a lot that people have wanted to know about Manuel Asensio . . . and they did know who to ask.

9/20/03  New Page.  From the Mailbox.  Yes, people really do use the feedback page.  Others post comments about the site on finance boards.  Some have nice things to say about this site . . . and some don't.   Here's a sampling . . . in their own words.  

6/19/03  New Page.  Letter to the SEC.  Hedge fund representatives spent two days in Washington last month assuring the SEC that its members are angels who can be trusted without any further oversight.  If you believe that, you might want to keep your money in a mattress.   Here's why.

6/08/03  Update to Dissing the Courts.   Judge Albert Sheppard describes the shocking conduct by Asensio that caused him to order a new trial in the Hemispherx libel case.   Read an excerpt here or the full ruling, complete with quotes, in the Hemispherx section of the Reading Room

  Update to  Reading Room.  Asensio tells a court that his agreement to arbitrate disputes with his former lawyers is invalid because he was duped into signing it.   A judge hears from both sides and issues a 19-page ruling that might have been been titled, "Surely you're joking, Mr. Asensio!"  Also: a brief article about the ruling.

5/03/03  New Page. Doctored Track Record.   Only two years after paying a hefty fine for adding a bit too much spice to his track record, Asensio serves up evidence that he can still cook those books.

3/31/03  New Page.  What Asensio Told Regulators.  Two of Asensio's licensure applications surface, fueling rumors that "fraudbusting" means never having to say that two juries ruled against you.  Exclusively at Asensio Exposed!

3/31/03  Update to  Reading Room.  Newly added:  Asensio's complete disciplinary files; his 1993 and 2003 broker-dealer applications; the judge's ruling on post-trial motions in the South Carolina lawsuit (Miller & Pearce v. Asensio); and documents from the second Pennsylvania lawsuit against him for nonpayment of legal fees (Dilworth Paxson v. Asensio).

3/04/03  Update to Bill Wexler Revisited
There are lies, damned lies, and Bill Wexler.  Shameless Bill hasn't simply ignored the site's request that he retract his preposterous claim.  He's continued to repeat it.  Which does not change the fact that it's absolutely, positively false.

2/18/03  Update to Bill Wexler Revisited  Wexler, who loves to describe himself as "100% correct" about particular stocks, proclaims that the director of a publicly traded company is author of this site.  He's not just a little bit wrong.  He's 100% incorrect.

New Page: Manuel Asensio, P.I.  Asensio is caught posing as a private investigator in an effort to talk to PolyMedica employees.  Guess they just don't teach you at Harvard Business School what to do when a stock you've shorted doubles in price and declares a dividend that goes on your tab.

1/28/03  New Page:  Bill Wexler Revisited.  The site gets quite a rise out of Wild Bill after wondering if he's truly just a regular guy investing on his own.  His reply, and why the site believes he still has some serious 'splainin to do.

1/17/03   Update to Asensio Under Oath.   Asensio's sad story that no one on Wall Street would hire him runs afoul of more evidence.   So who you gonna believe?  Him or these lyin' records from the NASD?

New Page:  Who is Bill Wexler?   The Mr. Clean of the Silicon Investor website develops a bad case of ring around the collar.  Is he really an independent investor?  Or a portfolio manager for a hedge fund that is Asensio's longtime client?

1/02/03  New Page:  Asensio Under Oath.  The world according to Asensio . . . where the truth is subject to change without notice.

12/27/02  New Page:  Dissing the Courts.  Asensio once confessed to a newspaper reporter that he doesn't take direction well.   He's even got an arrest warrant for not showing up in court to prove it.  And more.

12/22/02  Asensio takes the stand in South Carolina . . .  and the rest is history.  Excerpt from his testimony added to the Reading Room.

12/20/02  New Page:  NASD Dissed Again.  Bigbull712002, who had been posting messages on financial sites without disclosing an affiliation, comes clean.  He's no bull; he's Asensio & Company. 

12/09/02  Update to FAQ.  Is Asensio's "complete strong sell record" truly complete?   Apparently not.

12/09/02   Update to Reading Room.  The site has unearthed the 1997 and 1998 SEC Filings of Asensio clients Blue Ridge Capital and West Highland Capital.  My, what big long positions they have in the very stocks Asensio calls "frauds."

   New Page: Feedback.   Your chance to say your piece.