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Bill Wexler Revisited



February 18, 2003. 
In a recent statement, Bill Wexler named a director of a publicly traded company as the author of this website.  There is no truth whatsoever to his claim.   Asensio Exposed calls on him to retract it.

March 4, 2003.  Wexler has ignored the request for a retraction and has continued to post his false claim.  He's also ignored requests from others that he document his statement.   Which is simply further evidence that he can't.

On another matter, the site has received no response from him to its letter (below) posted on January 28, 2003.


After a long silence, Bill Wexler is talking again.  Including to this site.  The page about the remarkable similarity between his picks and West Highland's portfolio prompted a pointed feedback message from him.  In it, he described himself as an "individual investor." And said, "I am not Mike Wilkins or anybody else."

The site responds to him here.

Dear Bill,

Thank you for your feedback message.  If only it were clear what all your bravado has to do with the facts presented.

For the sake of argument, let's assume you are correct that this site is the work of a "crook." And that you are equally astute when you say "there is little doubt I am far smarter than you."   Would it therefore follow that Bill Wexler has told his readers everything that someone offering investment advice is expected to disclose? 

Let's get the discussion back on track. Here are a few questions for you. How about some straight answers?

1. Have you ever been associated in any way with West Highland Capital Management or a related business entity?

2. How do you explain the extraordinary number of picks that you and West Highland have in common?   Especially your ability to post a message with nine picks, every one of which was a West Highland holding.

3. Why do you refer to "we" in some of your messages if you are an "individual investor"?   Who is the "we" in the following statements of yours?

We presume Earthshell's last-ditch financing effort through Acqua Wellington to be a variation of a "toxic convertible".

We believe that this is simply a cover story.

We actually spoke to one of the engineers at Toyota.

4.  Were you referring to yourself when you said, "Gosh, I wonder who could have possibly bought this fraud to the attention of short hedgies?"  (It sure sounded that way).  And if so, which hedge funds were you referring to and what is your relationship with them?

5. Are you truly using your real name ("Bill Wexler") when you post messages like this one?  Scout's honor, Bill?

by: billwexler
10/05/01 04:36 pm
Msg: 7132

Since you seem to be a Yiddish expert, I assume you know what "schmuck" means.

I want you to do me a favor. I want you to hang out here until this stock hits 5 a share, because you'll need money and I'll be willing to toss you $20 to [expletive deleted] your mother.




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