Bill Wexler, Professional Hypocrite 

  Hypocrisy knows no boundaries with some short sellers.  They complain that individuals who have disclosed their 
    role in promoting a stock have been too aggressive.  Yet they feel free to conceal the true nature of their own  
    interest and their role in bringing in individuals to aggressively disparage the stock.  

    The following messages were posted to Wexler's Dog Pound thread on Silicon Investor in 1999.

To: Bill Wexler who wrote (1486)
From: Bill Wexler

Tuesday, Jun 22, 1999  7:34 PM

To all,

I am contacting the SEC and NASD and putting together a complaint against Mr. Knut Jorgensen, Andover Brokerage and "Vail Independent Traders" (an office of Andover) regarding Mr. Jorgensen's interest in and promotion of Chromatics Color Sciences. I allege that Andover/Jorgensen have violated NASD regulations by aggressively and fraudulently promoting CCSI stock. I will be forwarding copies of my complaint to Michael Picozzi at Andover's corporate headquarters in New York.

If you are a current or former customer of Andover and have lost money trading CCSI stock or if you can provide any additional details regarding Andover and CCSI then please contact me in confidence at a hotmail address I have set up:

In addition I am also investigating past and former paid touts of CCSI stock (such as Stock Genie). If you subscribe to any newsletters or stock tip web sites that have aggressively promoted CCSI stock and you feel you have been the victim of a "pump and dump" please contact me.

Bill Wexler 


To: Dale Baker who wrote (5050)
From: Bill Wexler

Wednesday, Nov 24, 1999  1:10 AM

The GUMM stock fraud.

I think in GUMM's case I'm going to take a more proactive role in stopping this scam. I'm going to get in touch with Jodie Bernstein and see if we can get the FTC to investigate GUMM's fraudulent claims.

[Jodie Bernstein is Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the FTC]