Bill Wexler Says He Lives in the Bay Area: 1998-2001

To:William Harmond who wrote (92)
From: Bill Wexler
Monday, Feb 23, 1998  11:48 PM

How long before you think all those households will be able to sign up.

By the way, remember how long it took to get standard cable into the San Fernando Valley?

I currently live in the bay area (TCI). I'm not holding my breath for @home.


To:Dale Baker who wrote (7469)
From: Bill Wexler
Thursday, Aug 31, 2000  5:35 PM

It has a good rep here in California. don't know much about its condition or mngmt. though.


To:Bill Ulrich who wrote (7779)
From: Bill Wexler
Tuesday, Jan 30, 2001  5:43 PM

I don't understand the home builders that well, and I'm puzzled by real-estate in general (for example, here in northern California we are in the midst of a real-estate what is the impact on home builders when it collapses...even in a low interest rate environment?)

When it comes to interest rate cuts, the banks and cyclicals are easier. All in MHO.