Excerpt from Asensio's Current NASD Broker Record (2002)

Sometimes it seems that everything Asensio does has to involve a minimum
of one lie.   His current file is a perfect example;  he lists as a current
employer an old business of his that hasn't existed for almost 20 years.
**************** CURRENT EMPLOYMENT (1 of 2) ****************              
Employing Firm: ASENSIO & COMPANY, INC.
Firm CRD Number: 31742
Office of Employment address:   767 THIRD AVENUE  NEW YORK, NY 10017
Start Date: 02/10/1993          End Date: to present

Jurisdiction/SRO    Category                                                Status               As Of Date
NASD                     Equity Trader                                        Approved           09/23/1999         
NASD                     Financial and Operations Principal             Approved           07/07/1993                                        
NASD                     General Securities  Principal                    Approved            02/13/2001                                                       
NASD                     General Securities  Representative           Approved            07/07/1993                                                 
NASD                     Municipal Securities Principal                   Approved            07/12/1994                                       
NASD                     Municipal Securities Representative          Approved            11/09/1993                                             
NASD                     Registered Options  Principal                   Approved            07/20/1994                                                       
NY                        Agent                                                 Approved            11/02/1993                   
**************** CURRENT EMPLOYMENT (2 of 2) *******************               
Firm CRD Number:      
Office of Employment address:   WEST PALM BEACH, FL 33432
Start Date: 06/01/1982          End Date: to present
Note:  According to records of the Florida Secretary of State this firm was
involuntarily dissolved by the state on 11/10/83.