To:brad greene who wrote (1630)
From: Bill Wexler
Tuesday, Jun 29, 1999  3:27 AM
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<<<Are you anybody important?>>>

Are you taking reservations for some pretentious Hollywood restaurant? What the hell kind of question is that?

<<<or just a guy who has his own thread?>>

Are you implying that a guy with his own thread can't be "important"? I'm confused. I'm suddenly beginning to feel all this existensial angst....

<<<Are you just an internet person?>>>

Is this some new form of hominid (Homo Nerdus?)

<<<Anyhow....some folks think that IDX went down today because of you......and your strong sell short sell deal.>>>

I see. I guess the fact that it's a zero-growth company with a grossly overinflated stock price hasn't got anything to do with it.

<<<Perhaps the Motorola news is fraudulent?>>>

No. But it really isn't anything to get excited about. However, the Gilford report is fraudulent.

<<<You may not have this one right, Bill.>>>

Then again...I may, Brad.

<<<I have the same problem with the word scummer.>>>

I don't, since there is no such word.

<<<I would be very quick to call you a scummer short, without really knowing......Do you know what I mean?>>> I don't know what you mean. You completely lost me. Without really knowing what? What does "scummer" mean? Is this another trick question?

<<<I'll stop back in a while>>>

Brad, you really have no idea how much I'm looking forward to that, not to mention the readers of this thread who I figure are just snorting their coffee out through their noses right now from laughing so hard.

<<<You may be all covered up and surprised as heck.....>>>

I like you. You're kind of a groovy, mellow version of Robert Yoest on Valium.